Sunday, May 29, 2011

I swore I wouldn't

Most people want to do what is best for their kids, and while that means something different to everyone, I would wager that most momma's out there have a list of things they swear they would never let THEIR kid do. Being a pretty health conscious person my list of things included something along the lines of, "I swear I'll never give a baby or toddler of mine pure junk food". So far it's been an easy success Bug thinks she's hit the jackpot when she gets things like dried fruit and yogurt.

Well, my cute little processes has a very nasty staph infection and is on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics or, I should say, is suppose to be on them. After much fuss I ended up forcing the first dose down her throat. Horrible idea. She coughed, sputtered, and chocked, to say I felt awful doesn't even cover it. The time for the next dose comes and I try to get creative. I loaded up the dispenser, sat down to nurse her, and waited till she was thoroughly distracted, When the time seemed right I tried to slowly ease it in and squirt just a tiny bit in. She raspberried it out in my face and went back to nursing. I repeated the process hoping to get something into her and ended with all 4mL of that ick in my face.

The process continues for three days, I mix it in yogurt, in milk, slip it in her hummus, try to sneak it as she drift to sleep, no luck. Honestly, I can't blame her,the stuff taste horrible, but she has to take it none-the-less.

At the edge of sanity and getting desperate Mr. Man suggest I put it in something like Sunny-D, which is definitely violated my junk food rule, but I was desperate at this point so I made her a cup and crossed my fingers anxiously. I should have known it would be no good, but I was being optimistic. Actually, I was so optimistic I didn't bother to take my favorite shirt for her off and now it has a nice big red stain down the front. That brings us to a few hours ago. This time it's a tiny bit of ice cream and some milk. My heart breaks as I had her the cup filled with pink shake. It must have been decent, because she took two sips before spitting it out at me. Needless to say, I'll be heading to Walgreen's to have them put a different flavor in her medicine.

What's something on your list of things you swear you would never do? Have you broken any of them yet?


ambern1984 said...

I said I would never CIO :/ he's good now and I don't have to anymore, but in order to get him on the schedule he is on I had to :*(

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