Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Resolution and Friends

 THE RESOLUTION:   This isn't the first time I've started a blog, however this is the first time I've resolved to keep it up and running. With friends and family all over the place a blog makes for a much more personal way to keep up with our hectic life than 150 word facebook updates.  Honestly, I beat myself up for not doing this sooner.

THE FRIENDS:  For those of you who aren't avid Harry Potter fans (what is wrong with you!!!) our little blog is named after Ron Weasley's first attempt at performing a spell, and so I figure what better way to start out our postings than with some pictures from a playdate with our  Harry Potter Buddies Big K and little K. Big K has been a close friend most of my childhood, but I've just convinced her to experience the wonder of Harry Potter. In all honestly if little K hadn't beat her up and made her so uncomfortable she probably would have never consented to those long evenings watching and explaining the Potter universe, but that doesn't matter because we have her hooked now. Now, to the point. Some cute pictures of Little Bug and Little K in their matching outfits.

 Something over there is interesting

Little K leaning on Bug for support.

& A cute little picture of Bug and her Hedwig
to sign off to.


ambern1984 said...

omg @ the pic with the cat! <3

bporte00 said...

Lol, that's her best buddie right there :D I'm pretty sure Hedwig thinks Bug is a kitten too.

Angela Reneé said...

Aww, that is so cute!! :O I love the idea of your blog, though! I love Harry Potter so this is freaking awesome.

bporte00 said...

Yay! Harry Potter Momma's unite!

I promise I won't make everything about HP though :D We'll I'll try not to.

ambern1984 said...

I've seen all but the latest, but quiz me on it and I won't know crap lol

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